YSS Shock Absorbers offer high quality, cutting edge design and very reasonable pricing for motorcycles and scooters that use twin shock absorbers. Pricing starts as low as $89 per pair of shocks, and we offer a variety of options like chrome shroud covers, black or chrome finish and variable length to allow you to customize the look and fit to your bike.

These shock absorbers come in a variety of model lines, from simple models that offer only pre-load adjustment, to models that offer full adjustibility and top notch performance. If you have a classic motorcycle with worn out shocks, or if you looking to get new performance suspension for your vintage race bike, the YSS line offers a great shock at a great price.

We also offer YSS shocks to fit many of the twin shock cruisers, including a line of shocks for Harley Davidson motorcycles which can help improve the ride and performance.

To see all of the information about the various lines of shock absorbers available from YSS USA , including model and fitment information,
please visit the YSS USA Motorcycle Shock absorber Web Site.

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Visit the YSS USA Web Site.