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We are Motorcycle Suspension Experts:

Top Quality Shock Absorbers and Steering Dampers with Expert Setup and Services for All Makes & Models

At EPM Performance Imports, we supply top quality aftermarket motorcycle suspension components for all major makes and models of motorcycle. From our facility in New Jersey, we offer expert advice to help you select the perfect aftermarket shock absorber for your motorcycle and your budget.

Whether you are a road racer, street rider or an off-road and adventure tourer, we can customize your new aftermarket motorcycle shock to deliver a stunning improvement in ride and handling of your bike. In the United States, we are the exclusive provider of Hyperpro suspension but we also ship overseas!

We Carry 3 Brands of Quality Motorcycle Replacement Shock Absorbers

No matter what your needs or price range, we have the perfect shocks for your bike!

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Top Quality Progressive Spring Shocks

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Top Quality Linear Spring Shocks
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Good Quality Twin Shocks, Mono Shocks for Classics

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Other Essential Motorcycle Performance Accessories

We carry top quality springs, lowering kits, steering dampers, light conversion kits and GPS mounts.

Progressive and Linear Fork Springs, Shock Springs and Oil

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Linear and Progressive Steering Dampers and Mounting Kits

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Testimonials From Our Customers

What a Difference!!

Hey Klaus,

What a difference the Hyperpro shock makes, like night and day.

It makes me feel sick, I was trying to save a few bucks and bought the other one – which was a  total waste.  The Hyperpro shock is so much better, there is no comparison, huge difference…..

thanks a million….

Greg Bridgeman

Hyperpro Shock on BMW

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the HYPERPRO shocks you built for my 2010 BMW K1300GT w/ ESA. I thought the OEM components we good albeit getting worn with 32K on them. Until I installed the new shocks and put 300 miles on for a break in ride. The handling, cornering and overall ride has improved drastically. It basically feels like a different bike, in a good way! Thanks again for a job well done.

Dan Thompson

YSS Shock Update

Currently have appx 3,000 miles on the YSS MX 506-495 TRC for my 1995 R100GS-PD.  Works beautifully — smooth & composed over good pavement and rough.  Damps quickly for left-right transitions and very stable over broad 80mph sweepers.  Very confidence inspiring.  Never bottoms — can easily adjust it for solo, a comfortable two-up ride, or packed to the gills with a week’s worth of camping gear.

Mark ‘Colt’ Self

Fork Spring Kit

The progressive fork spring kit and a new front tire were installed on my Honda 599 yesterday. I was totally amazed as to how fast, stiff, controlled and confident with front of bike at higher speeds especially in turns and bumps in the road.

I now have the suspension the bike should have been factory built with.  Thanks so much for the great service!


YSS Shock is Great

I’ve put a few thousand miles on the bike and I’m extremely pleased with the shock’s performance.   Compared to the shoddy and well worn OEM shock, the bike rides better than it ever has before.  It’s just taught enough on the twisties to soak up imperfections and keep good contact with the road.    It’s just soft enough on the long stretches to easily absorb larger bumps with a nice feel, but no jarring.     It feels like a new bike.

Osman Parvez


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Warranty Service

At this time we can only provide warranty service on products we sell directly or through our authorized dealer network when the dealer actually purchased the shock from us. We will need a copy of [...]

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