Height Adjustment Kits Help Fit your Bike to YOU

Lowering LinksMotorcycles are manufactured with the average user in mind. But if you want the best performance, you may want to adjust your bike to fit you and your riding style.That is why Hyperpro produces height adjustment kits. With one of our height raising kits you can make your bike 20 to 30 millimeters higher (+3/4″ or +1.25″). Raising the rear of your bike will change the trail on the front end and make the bike handle quicker.With a lowering links kit you can lower your bike by up to 1.5″ (40 millimeters). In real terms this means an essential difference in how you fit your bike and the comfort and control on a long ride will be enhanced. We can also lower your bike with special lowering springs.See below for a listing all available raising kits. We can also give you advice on the effect raising or lowering your bike will have on its handling characteristics.

Select Your Raising Links Application

First, find your bike on the chart below and write down your part # and price for the raising links kit.

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You can zoom in to read the printable pdf by clicking: Raising Links Kit Price List

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