Experienced riders know the value of a quality steering damper. Tank slappers and steering vibrations are intercepted by the damper, so that you can have a bike that steers the way you’re used to and reacts the way you’d hope for in unexpected circumstances.

RSC = Progressive Damping

The progressive Hyperpro RSC (Reactive Safety Control) steering damper is revolutionary compared to the linear model. Due to speed-sensitive damping, sharp blows are intercepted more effectively, and will not affect steering behavior at lower speed.

Of course, this is a typical Hyperpro product: a product of high quality that never fails, even when used intensively year after year. Additionally, the new damper is highly adjustable to the individual needs of the rider with its 22 clicks of damping adjustment for the perfect feel.

The RSC damper is available in six colors (Black, Polished, Mad Red, Hyper Purple (Blue), Gold, or Gun Metal Gray) for a wide range of models. The mounting kits are available in three colors (Gold, Silver, Black).

CSC = Linear Damping

Hyperpro is best known for its progressive steering dampers. A number of customers still prefers the linear type damper. For that reason we have further developed this steering damper and are still able to offer this conventional type steering damper.

In order to keep the damper light in weight and strong, the CSC damper is also made of CNC machined billet aluminium parts and high-grade aluminium alloy is used. This damper is fully rebuildable, and provides a substantial upgrade to OEM dampers, or is excellent to add to a bike that does not have a steering damper.

Selecting Your Steering Damper

Step 1: Select Your Mounting Kit

First, find your bike on our mounting kit applications chart and note the length of damper for your bike, then decide what color you want. Prices vary from a bike to bike basis.

Click here to view our Steering Damper Mounting Kit Price & Application List On Google Sheets

Step 2: Select Your Steering Damper Model and Color

Follow the links above to find the appropriate steering damper length for your kit, and take note of the part #, price and color of the steering damper you need. If your motorcycle uses a 75 mm damper stroke, note that you also have a choice between RSC (progressive damping) or CSC (linear damping).

If you want to create a custom application, you can use the mounting parts at the bottom of the list to fit a damper to a bike where we don’t offer a mounting kit. To order, call EPM Performance Imports at 732-786-9777

Step 3: Call 732-786-9777 to Place Your Order

Step 4: Follow the Detailed Installation Instructions to Install the Steering Damper on your motorcycle

We provide detailed installation instructions for each steering damper mounting kit that we sell.
To see an example of the installation procedure, click on the link below.
Installation of a Steering Damper on a BMW K1200 (GT/ RS/LT)

Dealers: Please contact us for special quantity pricing. We also have display stands for your counter.