Hyperpro Combo Spring Kit

In a perfect world, the suspension of your motorcycle would react perfectly every time. The top half of the spring would be supple and react subtly to absorb small bumps and irregularities instantly. As the spring compresses, it becomes more rigid so even large bumps and holes in a road surface will not cause the suspension to bottom out.

For cost-efficiency reasons, new motorcycles come equipped with linear springs; compressing the top half of this type of spring takes just as much force as compressing the bottom half. The result here is that the top of the spring is in fact too rigid for small bumps and the bottom too supple for potholes.

Fortunately, this perfect world does exist. Hyperpro produces progressive motorcycle springs where not only the top half is easily compressible and the compression of the bottom half is much harder – the whole spring works to absorb every bump you can imagine. This results in a perfect setup for every situation. Thinking about a progressive shock rebuild? Contact us!

Improved braking distance
Whenever you apply the brakes, the pressure on the front wheel increases. Regular springs cause the bike to ‘dive’ causing the brakes to become less effective. With Hyperpro progressive suspension fork springs the bike takes less of a dive, the rate of resistance increases with more force, which results in an improved braking distance. Not only is this faster on the racetrack, it is also safer on the public highway!

Improved ride performance
Small bumps and irregularities in the road surface get absorbed immediately, large bumps or holes are intercepted by the more rigid parts of the spring. This results in perfect harmony between control and comfort. Hyperpro Shocks are an upgrade that make a real and noticeable difference in ride feel.

No resonance
A linear motorcycle spring has a specific frequency and therefore, could resonate at that particular frequency. Resonance is not only very annoying it can also be dangerous. Progressive springs do not have a frequency so therefore they never resonate; an obvious difference! Progressive springs vs linear motorcycle springs can be a tough choice, or an easy one! Contact us if you need more information.

Always a perfect setup
Progressive springs act dynamically and instantly by themselves to changing circumstances. If you carry a passenger on your motorcycle, the springs in your suspension need to provide more resistance and these progressive springs are the perfect answer. They slight changes are supported by the springs, and Hyperpro’s progressive springs even respond to the amount of fuel left in your tank which can attribute up to 30 pounds of added or lost weight.

We believe in our product and therefore offer a lifetime warranty against breakage. Tests have proved that even after driving a million kilometers our progressive motorcycle springs maintain the same characteristics. Progressive shocks rebuild well, and care and maintenance over time has returned positive reviews from motorcycle riders who chose them.

Instead of just springs, are you looking for a full shock replacement? Contact us or check out our shocks here!

We also have special lowering springs for the forks and shocks available. These are perfect for the rider who has a hard time reaching the ground and is looking for an economical way to lower their bike – and get the benefit of a new spring.

Hyperpro Suspension progressive springs are available for almost all modern bikes as a front kit, rear kit and combo kit. The combo kit consists of front and rear progressive springs, fork oil, stickers and a practical user guide. Along with the step-by-step installation instructions, this user guide provides useful tips for making the optimal adjustment to your bike’s suspension. If you prefer straight-rate (linear) fork springs, please scroll down.

Select Your Progressive Spring Application

First, find your bike on the chart below and write down your part # and price for the desired spring kit.

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Select Your Linear Fork Spring Application

First, find your bike on the chart below and write down your part # and price for the desired spring kit. These are linear (straight rate) fork springs for those who do not wish to run the progressive rate springs.

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