Hyperpro Street Box

Hyperpro is offers the perfect and affordable package consisting of a rear shock and fork springs for many bikes! This is one of the best ways to improve your bike’s suspension! Learn more here!

Hyperpro offers new Steering Damper color!

Hyperpro now offering their new DARK steering damper color!

Following the discontinuation of Hyperpro’s Titan Grey, we are glad to introduce a new, all-black model of Hyperpro’s steering dampers – the Dark color.

Free first service for every Hyperpro shock purchased through EPM!

The value of this coupon is approximately $170 depending on the shock model purchased and based on our service rates.

This service coupon adds a great value to our Hyperpro shocks and when combined with the standard 5 year warranty, it will only make your purchase decision that much easier!

A coupon listing the serial number and date of purchase will be included with every shock shipment.
We recommend that all riders service their shocks every 25-30,000 miles or 2-3 years. To verify this, we need the mileage of the bike at the time of purchase and then again when the service is called in. The coupon is transferable to new owners or new bikes – with mileage verification.

BikePenR GPS Mounts for many makes & models available in our web shop.

BikePenR GPS Mounts