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We get tons of wonderful feedback from our customers. Not only about the quality of the products we sell, but especially about the way we deliver the products with all of the settings dialed in so that only minor adjustments are needed (if any at all!). We will continue to add more to this page as time permits. If you would like to see your testimonial here, please email us.

EPM Performance Imports Testimonials come from verified purchasers so that you can trust that the customer reviews of EPM Performance Imports you see below are from people who have bought our products, used our website, and interacted with our service staff.  There are over 25 testimonials and we have MANY more.  A few even have photos if you wait for them to rotate in to view.

June 2015
Re: 2007 BMW F650GS
Hey Klaus,
Thanks for getting back to me. I have taken the bike for a ride. I found with the preload all the way out it is quite suitable for single rider. With passenger and load I turn it in 3 lines and it is perfect. I kept the rebound where it was at. We did about 70 miles and the whole ride was glass smooth. I understand the compromise with dirt vs road. I am extremely happy with the whole setup. Thanks again for everything you have done for me. I will never forget.
Regards, Justin


Dear Mr. Huenecke;
“I just wanted to let you know that I had my GPS device professionally installed on my motorcycle using the BikePenR mount I purchased from you. I’m very pleased with the quality of the BikePenR mount. It’s a very high quality product and looks much better, in my opinion, than the RAM mounts typically used to mount GPS devices. I also wanted to thank you again for your thoughtful follow-up on my purchase. Your professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are much appreciated.”
Kind regards,

Jeff Covin

May 2015
I just wanted to say Thank You for making an affordable suspension upgrade for my 2014 FZ09. I had it installed a couple weeks ago. There is a 200% difference in the way it use to ride and how it rides now. I feel confident when I go into turns now, there is no pogo effect she is planted and on rails! Thank You!!!

April 2015
Hyperpro Streetbox for BMW R 1100 RT
Thanks again for the info regarding shocks , I just set sag ; all good.. I’m loaded up and headed to smokey mountains !! The shocks have made a huge improvement.. Sorry again for all the phone calls., Take care .. Rich Davis

Rich Davis

June 2014
Hi Klaus,
I received the rebuilt shocks back yesterday. I wanted to thank you for the super fast turn around time on these. Nice going.

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson

January 2015
Hi Klaus. This is a much delayed follow-up, and thanks, to you for the rebuild job you did for me for my 2009 R12GS ESA. My first impression, on my first ride, was that the motorcycle was new again. Then I realised that it was better than new – an impression which was confirmed last September. My wife and I rode from our home in Ontario to Québec and then across the Trans-Labrador Highway, covering over 1000 km of gravel road on the way. We were carrying camping gear, and spare fuel for the Trans-Lab part of the trip, so the GVW was at the maximum that we had discussed. At all times the handling was excellent; the ESA adjustments made notable differences. We, and the headlight beam, stayed level throughout. All told, the trip was 10,600km, during which I was extremely pleased with the handling, whether the road surface was harsh gravel, slippery clay, or tight paved corners. Thanks for an excellent job!

John D

John D

May 2014
Just wanted to let you know that my shock’s work like new and say thanks for standing behind your work. I had the unfortunate experience (twice) of things not going well with other suspension services. Different bikes, starting to think it was me. Thanks again hope we can do business in the future.

Derrick Harff

Derrick Harff

I am really liking my new HyperPro shocks on the R 12 GS. Quite a noticeable difference compared to the old OEM shocks. The HyperPros are both comfortable and controlled, whereas the OEM shocks were getting harsh and rough. I’m very pleased with the change (and am not missing the ESA at all).

Thanks & regards, Terry Lee.

Terry Lee

I recently emailed Klaus at EPM ( to ask a few more questions about the Hyperpro 460 shock. I was particularly concerned about the adjustability factor. He was very informative & helpful.

Today I got to try out my new rear suspension for the first time, so this is an “initial impression report”. Today started off cold & rainy – about 40 or so. I didn’t think I’d get out for a ride, but then the rain stopped & the mailman dropped off my new heated jacket liner. I don’t know which one impressed me more, the suspension or the liner, but the combination turned a cold crappy day into a very enjoyable experience.

I rode about 75 miles over a variety of road surfaces; interstates to back roads. The new Hyperpro rear suspension made a considerable difference in the ride characteristics of the bike. I road a very familiar route in an attempt to make a better comparison between OEM and the new rear unit. It’s a little hard to put words to a largely kinetic experience. The best I can do is to say that for the first time the front & rear suspension actually seemed to work together. The ride was comfortable and controlled. The rough roads are still rough, but not jarring. The shock of the bumps wasn’t transmitted all the way through my spine as it was in the past. It was a much more relaxed experience, in matter of fact I more or less forgot about the suspension & just enjoyed the ride.

I also really enjoyed the “RapidFire” heated jacket liner. It’s the first time I’ve ridden with heated clothing & I was very impressed with it. I believe the heated gear is going to make a huge difference in how I pack & when I find the temp. acceptable to ride. I would recommend it.

In conclusion, the rear suspension unit is very much better than the OEM. I will report back after a couple hundred more miles. For me, at this point it was worth the money.

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Hi Klaus,
Just a quick note letting you know how happy I am with the fork rebuild you performed (through Bombars Beemers) for my Ducati Monster 796. The front dive is all but gone and cornering in mid to high speed sweepers is precise…a total transformation from stock!

I will recommend you to all my friends who are looking to improve the handling characteristics on their motorcycles.

Allen Gray

Allen Gray

Dear Klaus,

I wanted to take the time and update you after my return from Alaska trip this June/July.
The Hyperpro shocks I bought from you 45,000 miles ago, which were recently rebuilt by your shop prior this trip performed superb on my 2007 BMW 1200 GS for the entire trip and are in fact still working perfectly well. The motorcycle was fully loaded with camping gear, tools and everything I had for the month long trip. I covered almost 12,000 miles on roads ranging from excellent tarmac to very bumpy and potholed roads, Top of the World highway which is not paved, and quite few miles of stretches with gravel and road construction. I did find that on worst roads they worked best with damping set to almost maximum, but I still had few clicks reserve. The quality and most importantly reliability of this suspension really made my journey safer and more enjoyable maintaining motorcycle control and my comfort for the long and oftentimes challenging days in the saddle.
Please accept my thanks for a quality product and your company’s excellent services; feel free to use my feedback to promote your products and services, and know that I refer you to every rider I meet when the topic of suspension comes in discussion.

Very best regards,
Victor Matei

P.S. My Alaska ride is documented here
To read from start click on “older posts” at page bottom.

Victor Matei, Your Content Goes Here


I ordered the Duc2 GPS mount for my 2012 MV Agusta F3 with last month. I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality of the mount, the fit, finish and build quality are top notch.

I was able to install it easily on my F3, here is a picture:



Hey Klaus,
What a difference, like night and day. It makes me feel sick, I was trying to save a few bucks and bought the other one, total waste, Hyperpro no comparison, huge difference…..thanks a million….

Greg Bridgeman

Greg Bridgeman


Good morning. First off, I wanted to thank you for installing the shocks on Saturday. It was a lot of fun watching the process as it was my first time ever changing shocks on a motorcycle and quite interesting to see how they ‘work’. Second, what an terrific improvement. I have not toyed with the initial settings that you configured, but they seem well spec’ed already. Indeed, as I spent the better part of 1.5 hours riding to you on the old shocks, it provided a perfect comparison when I returned home. Not only do the Hyperpros react better to bumps in the pavement, they ‘adapt’ better as well (which I guess is a reasonable gauge of their rebound). It just makes for a more consistent and predictable ride, especially in corners. Anyway, it was a much improved ride and I thank you for it.




By the way, I’ve installed your lowering springs and I am absolutely
delighted in the improved handling and lowering of the bike.
Two thumbs up!


Hey Klaus, I have put about 500 miles on the Öhlins you rebuilt for me and they have performed flawlessly, my ZRX has never handled better.

Thanks again,

Jeff Bennetts

Jeff Bennetts

Hi Klaus.

I received the shocks on Wednesday as scheduled, and my mechanic was able to get them re-installed on Thursday. I didn’t get dinged for GST, but I did have to pay $60 for the courier’s standard usurious customs brokerage fee. (Wish I could get paid $60 for a few minutes of paperwork.) Anyways, I got out for a ride on Saturday and the adjusted shocks are 1000% better than before! It’s like I’ve got a new bike. All the harshness is gone, the rebound damping on the front didn’t have to be increased to prevent “topping out” as I had it before the rebuild, and the bike absorbs sharp bumps much better. I think the bike sits a bit lower too, and that is a good thing as I don’t like to be tippy toed when stopped. Besides the cost, I guess it was a good thing the seals were leaking and I had to have them rebuilt and adjusted. I am a happy client!

Thanks for your attention to my concerns, the fast turnaround, and the great work. Very much appreciated.

Kevin Kerr
Ottawa, ON

Kevin Kerr, Kevin Kerr Ottawa, ON

Got the shock in the mail 2 days ago, installed it last night. I don’t think it could be more perfect! It’s larger and performs much better than the stock shock. I love it! The bike finally rides where it is supposed to and doesn’t bottom out on a simple crack or bump in the road. I love it. A great product and super fast service. Thanks for your help on this one!!




I ordered an EcoLine Mono shock for my Italjet 50 cc Torpedo 2001,after I installed could not have been happier to be able to ride my scooter again. I’m completely satisfied with the work. It was a pleasure end to end and Klaus was incredibly Helpful.

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I love the HyperPro springs in my Honda ST1100. I have used stock, Progressive and Sonic springs, but the HyperPro are best for me. Stock springs became too weak, tried the Progressive and they really aren’t progressive but two stage springs. Sold that ST1100 to a friend. Bought another ST1100 with ABS and tried the Sonic springs they were just flat not right. They did give me my money back though.

Then I tried the HyperPro and love them. I weigh 240 and they by far have been the best.

I will call and order some fork oil today.

Don Grimes

Don Grimes
The NX250 spring kit works remarkably well, given the absence of rebound damping in back.

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Hi Klaus,

We received the shocks yesterday. Fortunately, we had a meeting of all the mentors last night and I was able to distribute the shocks to each team. I gave the hats and shirts to the administrators at the Iron Horse Hotel. They will use those for prizes for one of the judging categories. We will use the banner at Road America and other venues where we show the bikes.

Here is the first mention of your company on our FB page:

One team had the shocks mounted before the evening was over.

Thanks again. I will keep you informed of the progress and more pictures. The Build should be finished May 21 when all of the bikes will be professionally photographed. First race is June 11.

Russ Whitford

Russ Whitford, Your Content Goes Here

I bought and installed an YSS shock last October before my ride from Alabama to Costa Rica.

The ride was 3800 miles and I made about 5 different adjustments to the shock on my way down south. With my petite back side (275 lbs.) and the two side cases and top box loaded I figure I was load down with about 125 pounds of gear and needed tools and riding gear. Total added weight about 400 lbs.

The shock performed flawlessly as a touring bike, don’t know anything about performance shocks. I’m not that type of rider and my K75 is not the kind of bike.

18 days later I parked it at my house in Escazu. Got off and had a drink (ok more than 1). Other than gas, one new rear tire and one hell of a great ride the shock and bike did what they where suppose to do.
Make me very happy.

1995 K75
2001 F650GS



I got the shocks on today and they look great. We are going down to Death Valley next week. New Shoria battery in the HP2 and new YSS shocks on the Ural will be put to the test. Thanks again. Here are some pics:



Regards, Cory


My 2006 Yamaha FZ 1 is now a better bike after your installation and setup of a Hyperpro rear shock – no more vertical movement in turns. The rear end stays down. I did a 1200 mile trip to West Virginia mountains last week and the shock performed well with an extra 40 pounds on the back. Thanks again for your great service. I promote your products and services whenever I get the opportunity with other bikers.

Tim O’Mara
Churchville, Pa

Tim O'Mara Churchville, Pa, Tim O'Mara Churchville, Pa

Got the shock and spring installed, sag adjusted. Rides like a dream!

Can’t wait to take a trip. Here are some photos.

Thanks for a great product.

Byron Defenbach
Boise, ID

Byron Defenbach Boise, ID, Byron Defenbach Boise, ID

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we are very pleased with the HyperPro Shocks. They perform well and lowering the bike one inch made it so much easier for my wife to handle it. Not only can she almost flat-foot the bike at a stop, it feels 80 lbs lighter!

Couldn’t be happier. Just wished we had done it sooner. Thanks for you expert advice on the right product for our needs.

Ron Snow
Austin, Texas

Ron Snow Austin, Texas