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Hyperpro motorcycle suspensionWe are now offering Hyperpro and YSS suspension products to meet all of your motor sports suspension needs. In our quest to maintain the service we have always provided our customers the change to these manufactures is a giant step forward. We have always treated all our customers as our friends and did our best to meet your needs and wants in everyway. This is due to the people that work for us and you. Our personnel, customer satisfaction and  work ethics have not changed, only the brands we sell.

The driving force behind EPM is Klaus Huenecke.  Klaus is renowned for his expertise in all types of suspension technology.  When you buy your suspension from EPM, you get the benefit of this tremendous experience.  And when you order a Hyperpro shock, it will arrived already set up based Klaus's experience. which means most customers will barely need to make any adjustments to get the best suspension performance.

Hyperpro produces cutting edge suspension technology.  Here are a few photos of their factory.

Hyperpro Factory     Hyperpro technician

Hyperpro steering dampers    Hyperpro Warehouse